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Around the Web: 2008

The latest on the candidates . . .


Aiming for Quick Shift of Attention

The New York Sun

Carter: ‘Milking’ POW Time

USA Today

Moves To Seize His Target: The Momentum

The Wall Street Journal

Won’t Be Ignored Nearing VP pick

The Washington Times

Aides Monitoring Gustav as Republican Convention Nears



The Message That the Party Wanted to Hear

The Washington Post

In Speech, Bringing Lofty Words Down to Earth

The New York Times

Tricky Balance: New, Old Politics Clash in Speech


Gets it in Gear with Acceptance Speech

Los Angeles Times

Frames Campaign As Vote on Economy, Bush

The Wall Street Journal

State of the Race

GOP Considers Delaying Convention

The Washington Post

Gore Accuses McCain of Policies Too Close to Bush

The Boston Globe

Legal Controversy Erupts Over TV Ads Linking Obama to ’60s Radical

The Wall Street Journal

Pawlenty Won’t Be in Dayton



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