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Around the Web: 2008

The latest on the candidates . . .


Walks a Fine Line on the Environment

Los Angeles Times

Palin Lifts Support

The Wall Street Journal

Conservative Women ‘So Excited’ over Palin

USA Today

Palin Energizing Women From All Walks of Life

The Washington Post

Palin Did Not Ban Books in Wasilla as Mayor

USA Today


Campaign Sets Sights On Familiar Territory

The Wall Street Journal

Takes a Pig and a Poke at Palin

The New York Post

Feeling a Challenge, Sharpens His Silver Tongue

The New York Times

Banks on the Ground Game


State of the Race

Palin Bounce has Democrats off Balance

Los Angeles Times

McCain Poll Surge, Fundraising Give Democrats Election Jitters


Campaigns Adjust Their Pace to Meet Short Season

The New York Times

Shaken Dems Fear Obama on Downslide

The Hill

GOP Bandwagon Runs on ‘Palin Power’

The Washington Times

Polls: Latinos Favor Obama in 3 Important Battleground States

USA Today


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