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Arrest Warrant for Atticus Finch

In the classic film To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus Finch shoots a rabid dog that threatens the neighborhood. In 2010, my governor shot a coyote threatening his dog while jogging in Austin (not surprising given our coyote problem in Texas).

It was in this tradition of protecting others that a man in Washington, D.C., came to the rescue of an eleven-year-old child who was being savagely mauled by three pit-bulls. The dogs — illegally unleashed and unsupervised — attacked after they collided with the bike the child was riding. The neighbor began shooting at the dogs to save the child, and was promptly assisted by a nearby D.C. patrol officer who helped the citizen put the dogs down. The child was rushed to surgery to treat wounds to his torso, arms, and legs. For his prompt and decisive action in saving the child’s life, D.C. said they would nominate this heroic neighbor for Citizen of the Year.

Just kidding. The city of Washington, D.C., said they have left open the possibility that the neighbor could be charged with violating the District’s gun laws. So it seems that city officials are less concerned with the safety of innocent children who have the temerity to ride their bikes than trying to find some pretense to prosecute the good people who jump in to protect them. It appears that after the government institutes gun-control laws for the sake of “the children” it promptly ignores the children and instead dedicates itself to controlling citizens. 

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