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My NYPost review of Bernie Goldberg’s new book, Arrogance, a follow-up to his book Bias, is here. Some of it:

Arrogance” is a natural follow-up to the veteran CBS newsman’s 2002 bestseller “Bias.” He’s outed the liberal bias; now he wants to expose the reason for the bias. Back in February, during the run-up to the Iraq war, Washington Post columnist Mary McGory wrote, “Among people I know, nobody was for the war.” “Imagine that,” observes Goldberg. “What a single-minded little world she must live in where, among all the people she knows, nobody – absolutely nobody thought that invading Iraq was a good idea.”

And that is exactly the problem, Goldberg argues. “The real problem,” he writes, “is liberal groupthink – the idea that if everyone at all the right Manhattan cocktail parties thinks guns should be banned, there’s nothing more to be said on the subject. Being against guns becomes the noncontroversial, reasonable, civilized position. End of discussion.”


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