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Enough! I don’t like bullies. Never have. And I don’t think we have to accept bullying simply because bullying is a permanent feature of the human landscape. But what the hell is the Federal government doing spending an iota of time on this issue?

I don’t blame “compassionate conservatism” for the new Federal war on bullying, but I don’t give Bush any credit either for having this happen on his watch. This follows the classic pattern of gitchy-goo government nicey-nice. Education activists identify a problem. They call the Today Show crowd and the coverage concentrates on some bad things happening to some cute kids and then the logical response is Washington must do something about it. Nonsense. Just because there are problems in America does not mean that the government in Washington needs to worry its pretty little head with them.

I mean how much more nanny state can you get than literally having some little kid in Oklahoma whine, “Uncle Sam! Timmy’s picking on me!”


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