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Artful or Not

In Impromptus today — the last installment of a “CPAC Journal” — I have a note about politicians, and their reputation. That reputation is not good. Yet some of the finest people you’ll ever meet are politicians. And some politicians, of course, are skunks.

So it is with people in general. In America, I would say, politicians are nicely representative — just the way they’re supposed to be. (Think “House of Representatives.”)

Moreover, someone has to serve in government. Someone has to make the system work. And if we think we can do better, we can throw our hat into the ring. (Oddly, no one asks me.)

Anyway, I wanted to throw you a musical link in this Corner post. Copland’s Old American Songs includes “The Dodger”:

Yes the candidate’s a dodger,

Yes a well-known dodger.

Yes the candidate’s a dodger,

Yes and I’m a dodger too.

He’ll meet you and treat you,

And ask you for your vote.

But look out boys,

He’s a-dodgin’ for a note.

Years ago, in the Metropolitan Museum, Samuel Ramey, the bass from Colby, Kansas, sang this song in a recital. Seated in the first row was Rudy Giuliani. After he was through, Ramey said, “Sorry, Mayor.” Giuliani made a gesture that said, “No problem.”

Here is Ramey singing “The Dodger” — at about 3:05.


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