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The Asheville School

I had a lovely evening at the Asheville School last night, despite landing here in North Carolina under sniper fire (What? That’s the way I remember it). I debated Peter Beinart in front of the entire school. What smart bunch of kids. Exceptionally polite and engaged, if a bit awkward in that high-schooly way. I don’t plan on sending my daughter to boarding school, but if I did Asheville would be on my shortlist.

The one downside to the evening is that I failed to give a shout-out to Windsor Mann a graduate of Asheville who worked as my final researcher on the book. I planned to, and then just spaced it.

Anyway, sorry for not promoting this event more in the Corner but I wasn’t sure how open to the public it really was.

But on the upside I have several very public events coming up — in the Midwest and the Bronx in the second week of April. And some new gigs in Seattle and California shaping up Details tk.