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Asked About FBI Investigation into Her E-mail, Clinton Jokes, Bashes GOP

Tonight Bernie Sanders reiterated that “I am still sick and tired of Hillary Clinton’s e-mails” and urged the media to instead focus on the middle class – to which Hillary Clinton added, “I agree completely.” CBS Moderator John Dickerson, however, said other Democrats are still worried about “another shoe dropping” with the FBI investigation. In response, Clinton joked about the length of the Benghazi hearing and then hit Republicans on Planned Parenthood and global warming.

Here’s the key part of that exchange: 

DICKERSON: Secretary Clinton, just one more question on the e-mail question. For Democrats, there’s an F.B.I. investigation going on. Can you satisfy Democrats who might worry about an another shoe dropping that you and your staff have been totally truthful to them and that another shoe is not going to drop? 

CLINTON: I think after 11 hours, that’s pretty clear, yes. [Laughter, applause] And, you know, I do think it’s important to do exactly what Senator Sanders said, and that is to start talking about the issues that the American people really care about and that they talk to each of us about. And to contrast, even — there are differences among us. You’ve heard some of those tonight. I still want to get back to health care because I think that’s a worthy topic to explore. But the differences among us pale compared to what’s happening on the Republican side. And if you listen to what they say — and I had a chance over those 11 hours to watch and listen as well as what I see in their debates — they are putting forth alarming plans. I mean all of us support funding Planned Parenthood. All of us believe climate change is real. All of us want equal pay for equal work. They don’t believe in any of that. So let’s focus on what this election about.


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