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Assimilation Is the Key

A thoughtful e-mail: “I couldn’t care less about an immigrant’s nationality or ethnicity, as long as they assimilate and become loyal, patriotic Americans.  I own a small tech business in a very red state, and over the past 12 years I have hired people from Mexico, Columbia, Vietnam, China, the Philippines, India (Muslim), Russia, Germany and probably a few other places I’ve forgotten about.  These employees were either legal residents or here on an H1 visa.  I have also hired many Americans.  What has impressed me about most of the foreign-born people I have hired is their love and respect for this country and the opportunities it offers them. Their excitement about being here stands in stark contrast to many Americans’ attitudes towards their own country.  They appreciate being here, they work very hard, and love living the American dream. I’m all for this type of immigration – this makes us stronger (assuming we have room).  I think this is the lesson of our immigration history here in America. You could argue that we have been a ‘brain drain’ to the rest of the world for the past few hundred years, because our system of government and economy has attracted the world’s best. On the other hand, immigration without assimilation is simply invasion.  Assimilation is the key.”


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