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At Least This Part of the Swamp Has Been Drained

I refer to the Office for Civil Rights in the Department of Education. Under Obama, OCR was the launch pad for numerous “progressive” educational notions, such as that schools should punish students in accordance with group percentages and that Title IX required kangaroo courts geared to finding male students guilty. The zealots Obama had running it ignored the applicable law (the Administrative Procedure Act) to decree that whatever they wanted was the law, via Dear Colleague Letters and other forms of “guidance.”

No more.

The Senate confirmed Kenneth Marcus to run OCR last month and he has no tolerance for either the abuse of law or goofy leftist theories. I write about this splendid development in today’s Martin Center article.

Marcus received not one vote from any Senate Democrat. They can’t stand it that he opposes their pet ideas such as racial preferences to create “diversity” and insists that the law deal only with individual rights — which are the same for all.

Back on July 3, Marcus (along with his counterpart in the Justice Department) rescinded a number of Obama-era documents that pushed schools to use “affirmative action” to boost the numbers of students from certain groups. He talks the talk and walks the walk.

Let’s hope to hear frequent screams of outrage from the Left as Marcus sweeps away their foolish and illicit policy advances under Obama.

George Leef — George Leef is the director of research for the John William Pope Center for Higher Education Policy.

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