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Atlanta Report

Great party in Atlanta. Highlights:

—Best two panel comments:

(1) Kate O’Beirne’s remark that GWB missed a valuable opportunity right

after 9/11 to point out how utterly useless all those big, tax-eating

federal government agencies were at locating easy-to-locate enemies of our

country and defending the citizenry against their nefarious deeds. I have

similar thoughts when I see TV clips of illegal immigrants streaming across

the southern border: For all the stupendous sums of our money the feddle

gummint consumes, for all the Washington DC real estate they occupy, for all

the numberless legions of well-salaried college graduates they employ, they

can’t do anything about **this**? No, they can’t. Why not? Because

they’re totally bloody useless, that’s why not.

(2) Ramesh pointing out that the last time a conservative was put on the US

Supreme Court without an assist from identity politics was 1972. (Scalia,

remember, was picked partly to be the first Italian-American justice.)

—Most Derb-simpatico floor question:

The gentleman who asked us whether, given the vast increases in feddle

gummint staffing and expenditures under GWB’s presidency, and the relentless

expansion of the welfare state in the name of “compassionate conservatism,”

there is any hope for small-govt conservatism in this country. No, Sir,

there is no hope. We are doomed, doomed.

—Best of the post-event gathering at Mahogany Ridge:

Jonah expounding lustily on the theme of his book. My lips are sealed; but

one of the villains is a 20th-century US president who I never thought

particularly badly of before.


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