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Attackwatch Tweets

Jeff_Ellington1 Jeff Ellington Wearing my tinfoil hat so #attackwatch can’t read my mind. cc: @Guitartom47 @attackwatch #p2

valeriehash Valerie Hash RT @hasherhater: I’d like to report myself, I made a dollar and wanted to keep the whole thing. #attackwatch #shame

EEElverhoy EEE Hey @AttackWatch this silly rabbit just tried to take my Trix but I was able to stop him and he ran off. Find him will you? #attackwatch

wargamer6 Dan C it’s raining out and someone blamed obama #attackwatch

FiveBucksSays Five Bucks Says Dear #attackwatch, I impulsively called the President an idiot. Wife agrees. I’d like a plea deal. Can I turn State’s evidence on her?

nchenry1 Patrick Henry i just received my #attackwatch. doesn’t seem to be working, it just laughs at me

jasonawood1 Jason Wood I have an attorney friend that said illegal immigration is…illegal. I’m reporting him to #attackwatch!

WyattSYLG Wyatt Earp Dear #JohnBoehner, please open a rival for #AttackWatch. You can call it StopSnitchin’.

MichaelPaytonMZ Michael Payton Hey, #attackwatch , there wasn’t any sauce for my McNuggets. Do we contact you or 911?


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