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Attention Bush Campaign Oppo Researchers

Steve Sailer notes an interesting moment from John

Edwards’ past: “Anybody doing opposition research on Edwards should get a

video of his appearance on the ‘Charlie Rose Show’ on the night of

9/11/2001. I’ve never seen a top professional politician make himself look

more inane and lightweight at a crucial moment. The debate between author

Tom Clancy and Edwards over whether the U.S. needed to do something in

response to 9/11 was jawdropping. Clancy: Yes vs. Edwards: Oh, well, maybe,

perhaps we should study the situation …

“I wasn’t the only one who noticed Edwards’ fiasco. Sam Smith of the

’Progressive Review’ wrote: ‘The only bright spot was when Tom Clancy

mercilessly quizzed Clinton-in-waiting John Edwards as to what specifically

he would do and Edwards could produce nothing but photogenic platitudes.’

“The show still exists somewhere on videotape. Edwards’ enemies could just

put it out on the Web and do him serious damage.”

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