The Corner

Attention (New) Corner Readers

This election year has been berry, berry good to NRO. You wouldn’t know it from all the blogs we beat, but NRO swept through the Washington Post survey of best blogs like all conquering rooster which leaves nothing but fire and destruction in his wake that we always hoped to be (long time readers get that reference).

Anyway, this is addressed to you newbies. You’ll note how nobody spit on you as you carried your blanket and spork through the lines of NRO vets. That was deliberate. We want you to hang around past election day. When news dies down, traffic tends to as well. We expect that. But any of the oldtimers can tell you that NRO is the place to hang out 24/7. I wanted to tell you this now while traffic and such are so stratospheric so that you call can keep it mind. This is always the place to be. And, after the election, the political conversation will still be here, but there will be more room for Star Trek (if Kathryn lets us), policy, history, poetry, economics, airborne-laser volcano-lancing and — most important — the ongoing feud between Lowry and myself on the merits of cats and dogs.

So plan on staying around past election day, you won’t be sorry.

I’m Jonah Goldberg and I approved this message.