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Attention Nrodt Subscribers & Nrodt Subscriber Wannabes

If you have a NRODT subscription you CAN read NR Digital, without paying an extra penny. See here for details. So why, you might ask, pay for a NRODT actual paper sub when you can have the whole thing on your computer for less? Because you don’t want to lug a $2,000 laptop on the train ride home. Because your Pentium looks mighty ugly on the coffetable. Because donating a pdf printout to your doctor’s office when you’re finished probably won’t get read (how else do we spread the good news?). So that you can read the super timely stuff as it is released, and focus on the longer–Paul Johnson on pessimism, anyone?–on your comfy couch when the postman delivers. The list goes on.

And here, friends, is the link for Digital only. Here is the link for both wonders of the NR universe.


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