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Attention, Washington Nationals Owners

If I may indulge myself in one baseball post a year, I might as well do so now, at the outset of the baseball season and before I’m swamped in the Supreme Court confirmation battle.

On Thursday, I had the pleasure of taking my son to the Washington Nationals’ game against the powerful Phillies, a stirring 6-5 victory for the Nats.  As it happens, the Nationals have now won eight of the last ten games that my son and I have attended at Nationals Park (which opened in 2008)—as well as four of the five games we saw at RFK in 2007.  Our .800 winning percentage is nearly double the Nats’ overall home winning percentage over that time.  And of the wins we’ve witnessed, one broke a 9-game losing streak, another broke a 7-game losing streak, another was the Nats’ only win in 8 games, yet another was the only win in 7 games, and one (a 10-0 rout of the Astros) was one of only two wins in 12 games.

So if the Nationals want to send two season tickets our way, I won’t object.


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