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Au Revoir

Dear readers, I’ve had a fantastic time serving as a Bill Buckley fellow with National Review. But, alas, today is my very last at Buckley Towers. I’ll be moving on to a researchy position in Cambridge, Massachusetts, but I’ll have free time to think and write. I hope some of it will be found on National Review, but any of it that is not can be found via my Twitter feed at least.

I’ll miss very much the absurd privilege of graduating from college with no skills or even qualifications for adult living, and getting paid for a year simply to read and speak and interact and edit and write with wildly smart and influential people. I am grateful to Christopher Buckley, who found and passed along an old college piece; and to Jack Fowler, who passed along a fresh resume; and to Kate O’Beirne at the National Review Institute, and Rich Lowry, who were willing to overlook my inadequacies.

I’ll miss the young people in the office, a contingent which has multiplied in size in my short time here. Including Brian Bolduc, my fellow Buckley Fellow, who does impeccable imitations of NR top brass when they’re not looking, and Katrina Trinko, who better get a book deal out of her 2012 coverage.

I’ll miss you commenters, especially Mike B, who has told me things about myself and my past I never knew. And (in all seriousness) I am grateful to the many other readers who sent me fascinating e-mails about their experiences of age segregation this week (and I promise to reply once I have finished moving in).

Would you mind one last flood of self-promotion? I hope to keep freelancing pieces about foreign affairs, the ethics of biotechnology, economics, and other topics for which I am eminently unqualified. If you follow me on twitter, you’ll be sure to know about them.


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