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Authentic Inauthenticity

Today on Uncommon Knowledge, AEI scholar and National Review Online founding editor Jonah Goldberg and National Review’s Editor At Large John O’Sullivan consider the role of compassion in the Republic.

“I think, Mitt Romney had, what I have been calling it for a long time, an authentic inauthenticity problem. He seems fake but that is actually him. When you see an alligator for the first time and you say there is no way that is real and then you lean over and you see it move, whoa, it is real. Alligators just look fake. Mitt Romney just looks fake. He seems unauthentic and it was a real problem for him in a way that I think if you had a different candidate who had the same wealth, maybe even the same business background but was a little bit more organic, you know did not refer to his love of sport without the “s” at the end, that sort of thing it would have helped.”

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