The Corner

Aw Shucks

So far I’ve received lots of email from longtime Atlantic subscribers, liberal and conservative. Everybody agrees with me. This one captures the sentiment nicely and is very nice to boot:


Thanks so much for your comments about The Atlantic.

As a subscriber for ten+ years, I wholeheartedly agree

with your assessment of both Michael Kelly’s

remarkable impact on the magazine as well as their

current path. (Which, as you quickly point out, is

not horribly biased by any means, but still feels

disappointing if for no other reason than the high

standard the magazine briefly attained).

For what it’s worth, I’m a fiercly liberal reader of

The Corner and your writing in particular. What I

find among some Corner writers (Ramesh, you, Kurtz) is

exactly what I look for in The Atlantic. Namely,

logical, intelligent debate that helps challenge my

own thinking and broaded my perspective. I really

don’t need to read many more ideologues who confirm my

own world view. And I certainly I don’t need more

polemicists to tell me why I am an idiot (or a child

molester, thanks Derb!).

What I seek, and what I think our country needs, is

more conversation. I need to read both liberal and

conservative viewpoints in order to make sure I don’t

live in a bubble, in order to make sure I’m thinking

clearly about an argument and, in order to make sure I

make informed choices.

At its best, this is exactly what the Atlantic has

provided. It’s a voice that presented political and

cultural issues from a number of perspectives. A

voice that transcended the idiotic left/right

framework we seem unable to escape. It’s a voice I

dearly hope they retain.