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Aw Shucks

From a new liberal Corner reader:

Mr. Goldberg,   After reading your excerpted emails from left wing sore winners on The Corner, I felt compelled to send an email of my own.  As a liberal democrat, I cringed when I read their idiotic mean-spirited rants.  I spent election night going back and forth between The Corner, The Plank at The New Republic website, and watching CNN and Fox News.  It was my first time visting The Corner, and I was impressed.  I continued reading your posts the next day, and I’m really glad I wasn’t eating or drinking when I read your post welcoming your new democratic overlords.  The accidental coverage on my laptop just expired, and computers and orange juice are not a good mix.  I would like to think that had the democrats lost, we would have shown as much dignity and class in defeat as the people at The Corner, but I doubt it.  Here’s a thought that should make you feel better – we’ll probably do something stupid like nominating Hilary in 08 and republicans will keep the White House.  This election has demonstrated that the Democratic Party is getting smarter, but hey, we’re still democrats so we’ll probably screw up sooner rather than later.


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