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Aw Shucks

Getting a lot of nice attaboys from professors, students and the like about NRO’s impact and role on campuses. Just imagine the feedback if schools were actually in session. Here’s one from a guy at Harvard:

Dear Jonah,

Couldn’t agree with you more about NRO’s snubbing in that article on the Bucknell kids. Being a conservative undergraduate myself, I can honestly say that NRO is the single most dynamic force in shaping the opinions, and approach of, conservatives and Republicans on college campuses. Based on talking to kids at my school and students I’ve met at various conferences, the adoration for NRO is universal.

And, for that matter, if conservatives are more “hip” these days, as the Times article seems to imply, it’s largely to due to the efforts of people like you, Rich, Jay, Kathryn Lopez, &c.

Keep up the great work buddy!

Best wishes,

[Name withheld]


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