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The Away Message …

…of a very tired college student in Pennsylvania:

FOR THE RECORD PEOPLE. It IS actually possible for an educated person to CHOOSE to be Republican. Get off your high horses and accept the fact that people think differently from you. Don’t dare insult my beliefs unless you have a logical arguement to come at me with. Otherwise, I’m tired of it.

Go ahead, one more person, scream how its the uneducated in the country who choose Bush. Which, by the way, WONDERFUL sentiment, saying 51% of the country are fools. Pick a fight with me. I dare you.

YES. I am a 21 year old woman in college, even planning on graduate school. Yes I am middle class. YES, EVEN THIS MEANS I CAN BE A REPUBLICAN. Cause guess what? If I choose to be Democrat because of those things, THEN I’m not thinking. I think, and I choose Republican.


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