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We ran the table in the Washington Post survey! A guy who came to my speech at Dickinson started congratulating me afterwards and I didn’t know what he was talking about at first. This is great. Kathryn — in my humble opinion — deserves special congrats. Of course, the reason I’m saying that at half-past midnight is that whenever I try to say particularly nice things about Kathryn during daylight hours she censors me.

Seriously, for you folks haven’t been here since the begining this sort of thing is really nice to hear because we started this site almost on a lark. Thanks so much for your support.

Indeed, speaking of support thanks to all the Cornerites and NROniks (Someday we’ll hold a seminar on the distinction) who showed up tonight for my talk. I thought it went pretty well, particularly since I got completely lost after the second page of my talk but nobody seemed to notice. Afterwards I went out for a few beers with some NRO readers at the Gingerbread Man in downtown Carlisle. Good bunch of dudes. And for those of you who always complain that I corrupt the youth at these events by going out for beers with them, no students came along, alas.

Anyway, thanks again to all of you who helped us get our props from the Post. For some reason most MSM surveys and profiles of Blogs in the past have refused to recognize NRO. It means a lot to us.