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Awful, Awful Morning

Morning TV news was just atrociously slanted this morning between it’s hard to get your arms around it. Here’s the TV Guide shortened version

NBC: Today hammered Rush “Is He Racist?” Limbaugh hard today. Also, Campbell Brown tenderly asked Gray Davis in a taped interview outside with her hair billowing in her face if it’s unfair that Davis the Career Public Servant might be replaced by an Actor with No Experience. (Tough question!)

ABC: Salon alumnus Jake Tapper hasn’t had this much fun since they were hammering Henry Hyde and Dan Burton on their private lives. Smiling and detailing this morning the last-minute LA Times investigation of Arnold’s relationship with women.

CBS: Along with ABC, hammering the poll home that seven in ten Americans want a special counsel in the Plame game. The liberal lobbying is intense today…

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