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Yes, it certainly looks like there’s some serious division in the ranks among Ted Cruz staffers. What I’m wondering is… what are Senator Cruz’s father and wife thinking right now? One of the best arguments Cruz could make for his stance was that he could never endorse a man who insulted his wife and smeared his father so viciously.

After the convention speech, that was explicitly Cruz’s justification!

“The day that [pledge to support the nominee] became abrogated was the day that became personal,” Cruz said, referencing Trump’s comments about his family during the primary. “I am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father. And that pledge was not a blanket commitment that if you slander and attack Heidi I’m going to nonetheless go like a servile puppy dog” and stick to the pledge anyway. 

Yeah, only a servile puppy dog would stick to his pledge to… to… wait, never mind. 

It’s not like Trump retracted his suggestion that Rafael Cruz had a role in John F. Kennedy’s assassination. In late July, after the convention, Trump even said that neither Cruz had ever denied the insane conspiracy theory!

And the infamous Trump retweet that mocked Heidi Cruz’s appearance is still up!

What is the Cruz family Thanksgiving going to be like this year?

It seems like Cruz gets the worst of both worlds by endorsing Trump now. The senator received all of that grief and criticism at the convention, and now he doesn’t even get credit for sticking by his principles. Sure, Cruz’s defiant stance alienated a lot of Republicans, but he earned respect from some others for standing for what he thought was right and refusing to jump on the bandwagon when so many other 2016 contenders had.

Was Cruz that worried about a 2018 primary challenge?