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Bachmann Critical of Perry’s Social Security Views

From the Washington Examiner:

Now, another Republican rival, Michele Bachmann, is preparing to hit Perry on the same issue.

“Bernie Madoff deals with Ponzi schemes, not the grandparents of America,” says a Bachmann adviser.  “Clearly she feels differently about the value of Social Security than Gov. Perry does.  She believes Social Security needs to be saved, that it’s an important safety net for Americans who have paid into it all their lives.”

On whether Michele Bachmann shares Rick Perry’s views about Social Security:

“Certainly not,” the adviser says.  “She strongly disagrees with his position on that, and it’s clearly not something that’s going to sit well with the people of Florida and Iowa and South Carolina and many of the early states, where there is a large population of seniors who rely heavily on Social Security.  For [Perry] to scare them is wrong.”

Full piece here.

The Huntsman campaign, meanwhile, is taking a different tack, accusing Mitt Romney of sharing Perry’s views on Social Security  “Despite what Governor Romney’s campaign wants you to believe, when it comes to out-of-the-mainstream attacks on social security, Rick Perry and Mitt Romney are two peas in a pod,” said Huntsman campaign manager Matt David in a statement released tonight. 

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