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Bachmann: Debt Deal Will Make Military ‘Take the Biggest, Most Severe Haircut’

Michele Bachmann remains an adamant “no” vote on the debt-ceiling deal.

“I’ll be voting no. I am not satisfied at all that this is dealing with the spending, and that’s the issue,” Bachmann told Fox News’s Neil Cavuto this afternoon.

She expressed concern that “the Bush tax cuts will go away when this deal is done” and that it would not “lead us to a pro-growth economy.” Speaking of the proposed “trigger” defense cuts, Bachmann said she was worried that military members “will be the ones who take the biggest, most severe haircut.”

Bachmann indicated nothing could persuade her to change her mind about her vote, saying, “I won’t be switching on this, because I won’t be voting to increase the debt ceiling.”

Nevertheless, Bachmann has little doubt that the deal will pass Congress.

“In my gut, I think it will pass. I think John Boehner has a good handle on his vote count,” Bachmann said.

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