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Bachmann ‘Messed Up’ on Vaccines

Sources close to Rep. Ron Paul tell NRO that the Texas congressman is frustrated with Rep. Michele Bachmann for “fumbling” her attacks on Gov. Rick Perry’s vaccination policies.

“We are pretty pissed off about it,” says one confidant. “She messed up, making it harder for other candidates to speak up. Taking on Perry on this front, with serious arguments, could have been a long and very successful line of attack. She went a step too far and embarrassed the field. She polluted the issue.”

Paul aides note that the congressman, a physician, is concerned about vaccines, but would never take Bachmann’s approach. “He is very cautious about vaccines, especially federal mandates. But he is ultimately pro-science,” the source continues.

Indeed, campaign sources don’t expect Paul to say much on this front in coming days, mostly due to Bachmann, in their view, having already exhausted the topic, at least for many primary voters.


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