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Bachmann: My Focus is to Repeal Obama in 2012

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R., Minn.) won’t say she is running for president in 2012 — but she isn’t ruling out a run, either.

“My focus is on the national narrative,” Bachmann told National Review Online, when asked if she had ruled out a presidential run. “To go out and speak out on issues [between] now and 2012. Focusing on particular personalities is a parlor game that will distract us from the true message we need to put out over the next two years,” she said, noting how President Obama’s economic and national security policies were damaging the nation.

Bachmann said that her trip to Iowa next month was part of her plan “to make trips around the country to speak on issues of national importance in the next several years,” and that she would focus on tax reform in her talk there.

“I’m concerned as we go forward into the 2012 year that our focus remains on the issues and the positive solutions the conservatives have going forward. Today we saw the repeal of Speaker Pelosi and my focus and commitment  . . . [is] to repeal President Obama in 2012 and to repeal Harry Reid in the Senate in 2012.”

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