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Bachmann on Stem Cells on International Women’s Day

Via press release:

“I am disappointed with the President’s decision to use taxpayer funds to promote unnecessary and unethical scientific procedures.  It is exciting to witness the discoveries that science has brought us, but science does not require us to enter this brave new world.  In fact, science has given us options that permit progress with ethics.

“Not only is it immoral to destroy human embryos, but it is even worse to place women in a position where their health is at risk to do unethical research—especially in light of the recent discoveries that iPS stem cells, or adult stem cells, can reprogram cells without the use of potentially cancer-causing viruses. This is a marvelous breakthrough.

“I am thrilled with the advances that science has made.  But in the process of protecting some lives, it is essential that we do not harm others, impact women’s infertility, and endanger women’s lives—all at the taxpayer’s expense.”

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