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Bachmann: ‘We Absolutely Remain that City’

Columbia, S.C. – Rep. Michele Bachmann (R., Minn.) was the first speaker at the Palmetto Freedom Forum. She talked up her congressional record and her economic plan. “Now is our time for choosing,” she said, quoting, at various points, the Book of Matthew, John Winthrop, and Ronald Reagan. The notion that America is a “city upon a hill,” she said, continues, but is in peril. “We absolutely remain that city,” she said, but warned that unless the Obama agenda is stopped, the country could face a dire future.

On foreign policy, Bachmann said that the United States must remain a sovereign nation, “not part of an international conglomerate.” She also hopes that the U.S. will remain the “military powerhouse of the world.” To those who think the U.S. should take a more low-profile role abroad, she pushed back, saying, “I believe that the United States has been the greatest force for good in 5,000 years of recorded human history.”

On pro-life issues, Bachmann said she would “put forth a human-life amendment.”

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