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Bachmann Will ‘Set the Table’ in Iowa Address

Earlier today, NRO stopped by the Washington office of Rep. Michele Bachmann (R., Minn.). During our visit, she sat down with Philadelphia talk-show host Dom Giordano, who asked about her presidential ambitions. Bachmann, who will speak in Des Moines on Friday, said she hopes to “set the table” for the 2012 debate.

“I want to go to Iowa because they, essentially, are the first precinct, if you will, of 2012,” Bachmann said. “They have a very important job and an important role. I am the seventh generation of Iowans in my family. We came as early pioneers, some the first people that tilled the soil, and I love these people that built the country; I’ve read the history of my family. I want to go there and remind them that we could lose what we’ve built up very easily. We could lose our dominance in the world.”

President Obama’s biggest political vulnerability, Bachmann added, is health care. “2012 will also be about socialized medicine,” she said. “This was not a small issue.”Flash Animation


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