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Back to the Brenner Pass!

In picking Enrico Letta, another eurofundamentalist, to replace the dreadful Monti as prime minister, Italy’s parliament has swapped gravediggers, but their country’s burial continues apace.

Ahead of a meeting between Letta and Angela Merkel, EUObserver reports:

Letta says he wants to see Europe reach its four goals of a banking union, a fiscal and economic union, as well as a political union….

Letta said both he and his government are “profoundly pro-European. . . . In the past five years of crisis we did not find sufficient solutions because there was not enough Europe. This is my objective – and also that of Germany, because both our countries have a federalist vocation…”

Letta continued:

“Europe always advanced when Italy and Germany worked together . . . “

Oh dear. Letta is no patriot, no democrat, and no economist. It seems that he is not much of a historian either.

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