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Back to the Future

This week, we have a series on Tom Cotton, the congressional candidate in Arkansas. For Part I, go here. I met Cotton last summer, at an event in Dallas. I wrote, “He looks like his name. What I mean is, he’s all-American, open, straightforward. Tall, lanky guy, like out of a Norman Rockwell painting (though the artist was from New York, and the candidate is from the South).”

Yesterday, I was e-mailing with Abigail Thernstrom. The great Abby knew Cotton when he was a student at Harvard. She said, “Wonderful guy. Almost out of a bygone era.” So true. But fortunately, he is a present reality.

I think NRO readers will enjoy getting to know Tom Cotton, if they don’t already. I imagine he’ll be a fixture in our politics for a good long while.


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