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An e-mailer suggests Kerry could be telling the truth about Botox and still had some facial improvements:

Perhaps John Kerry is being honest when he denies using Botox. After all, Botox is yesterday’s news! The new zeitgeist is Restalyne. For a while folks were going to the Caribbean for their Restalyne injections, but I believe it’s been approved for use in the US.

If he’s never heard of Botox, maybe he should ask his wife…she looks like she’s overdosed on the stuff. Is that why she never smiles? Is her entire face numb? Seriously, she looks like she couldn’t be more bored with this whole silly democracy thing. When they are on stage together and he has his arm around her shoulders, I swear I can hear him saying to her, “C’mon honey, just smile, for Pete’s sake. Why do you have to be such a gloomy guss?”

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