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Backlash Against the Backlash on Hillary

Kudos to Melinda Henneberger for noting that it didn’t require hateful spite to question Hillary Clinton’s initial report of a concussion. The timing was awfully convenient, and it isn’t as if Secretary Clinton has a reputation for spotless honesty. This is the woman who “found” the Rose Law Firm billing records in a room next to her private office in the living quarters of the White House — two years after they were subpoenaed. She is the person, as Henneberger recalls, who was forced to apologize for claiming that she had come under enemy fire in Bosnia. She is the person who said she made a killing on a $100,000 investment by reading the Wall Street Journal, etc, etc. 

Kathleen Parker has some sport taking aim at conservatives today, decrying the “rush to character assassination.” 

One doesn’t have to be a fan of Hillary Clinton, though a Bloomberg poll says that two-thirds of Americans are, to feel tainted by the relish with which she and many others have been attacked — unfairly and disproportionately. Susan Rice, who was Obama’s favorite to replace Clinton as secretary of state, comes to mind.

Every person of good will wishes Secretary Clinton a full and speedy recovery. Her illness, it turns out, is serious.

But Parker is taking a cheap shot at conservatives. The skepticism that greeted the concussion story arose not from partisan nastiness but from Clinton’s flamboyant history of lying.

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