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Bad Deal Getting Worse

The pressure of angry voters over the Memorial Day recess was supposed to harm the prospects of the immigration bill. Instead, the bill seems headed for passage. That, at any rate, is the assessment of this story in the Washington Post. News that the bill is likely headed for passage is disturbing enough. But check out the end of the article, which suggests that even success for liberal “killer amendments” on family reunification might not stop the bill.

This article sure makes it seem as if Sen. Kyl is preparing the ground for continued support of the bill, even if the big family reunification amendments pass. I find Kyl’s apparent concern about accusations of “right wing pressure” disturbing. I wish Sen. Kyl actually was listening to conservatives. If he was, he’d withdraw his support from this bill right now. But it makes no sense to me that Kyl should fear accusations of “succumbing to right-wing threats” for withdrawing his support over exactly the sort of amendment he’s said would make him pull out all along.

I’m a great admirer of Sen. Kyl, and continue to be, despite what I think is his mistaken support for this bill. But if the Democrats manage to pass any of their amendments expanding family reunification and Kyl doesn’t pull out of the deal, I think his standing with conservatives will rightly be damaged.