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The Bain/Bane Malarkey Continues

The upcoming Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, has been under suspicion of promoting a liberal worldview with its villain Bane, whose name is similar to Romney’s Bain Capital. Yesterday, Chuck Dixon, the creator of the comic book character Bane, went on the radio to disassociate Batman from liberal politics:

Graham and I are both staunch conservatives, so from our angle, there’s no liberal agenda. I’m a life-long right-wing extremist.”

Dixon and Graham came up with ‘Bane’ when they needed a powerful villain to put ‘Batman’ out of commission for a year. ‘Bane’ broke ‘Batman’s’ back, and has been a recurring character across all platforms ever since.

As for the mainstream media’s attempt to usurp the character, Dixon said, “It’s ridiculous. Obviously Bane was not created as an attack on Mitt Romney. We never heard of Romney twenty years ago.” Also, within the context of the movie, Dixon said the comparison between Bane and Romney does not make sense. “My understanding is that Bane is more of an Occupy Wall Street type. Romney is more like Bruce Wayne.”

It is comforting to know that I was correct in my assessment that Romney is not Bane. Yet that has not stopped Democrats from continuing their Internet campaign to connect the two characters, as evidenced below.


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