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The Balkan Bailout

It’s been just over a year since we last looked in on Hashim Thaci, the terrorist-politician we have enthroned in darkest Kosovo. Marking a new chapter not in nation-building, but in good old-fashioned nation-invention, today’s Wall Street Journal has an update by Ian Johnson.

Johnson’s story offers the kind of parallel truths you usually have to go to Harare to find: Either German spies blew up EU buildings in downtown Pristina for some reason or Thaci framed the Germans in retaliation for writing a report that alleges, among other things, that

Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci is linked to paramilitary groups, cigarette smugglers, extortion rackets and drug dealers. The report details connections among the ruling elite to Islamist militants who helped Kosovars, who are mostly Muslims, to fight in a guerrilla war against Serbian forces.

If the Germans really wanted to decimate the EU, all they’d have to do is convince the British to hold a referendum on the EU’s proposed constitution. No doubt we’ll find a way to excuse Thaci for everything, since the alternative is truly inconvenient. However maybe under the new, improved State Department, at least the cigarette smuggling will stop.

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