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Ballad of The Human Shields

By Fred in Monterey:


(to the tune of “Ballad of the Green Berets”)

Carrying signs, they scream and curse:

“Saddam is bad, but America’s worse!”

As U.S. forces take the field,

Some fools rush in…as human shields.

Huddling where they think we’ll bomb,

Misguided souls only help Saddam.

Iraqi troops take to their heels,

But these fools stay…as human shields.

Smart bombs rain down from the sky.

But we don’t want innocents to die.

Precision-guided swords we wield,

Much sharper than…the human shields.

War is all hell, how well we know.

But evil falls to the well-aimed blow.

All soldiers cry from the grief they feel,

Tears more sincere…than the human shields.

To speak one’s mind is freedom’s right.

To win that right, brave warriors died.

They lie unmarked in battlefields.

They gave their lives…for the human shields.

This song is dedicated to all who work constructively for freedom, justice,

and peace, with prayers for everyone in harm’s way.


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