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Banana Phone Fallout

I’ve received a lot of email like this one:

I hereby call for the immediate resignation of Jonah Goldberg from the staff of NRO (or at least his banishment from The Corner) for his reckless disregard for the effects of one of his postings on innocent Corner readers. The offending link was entitled:

DANG [Jonah Goldberg ]

The badgers are back and they brough their banana phone. This is not World War II code for the troopships leave at midnight.”

Upon clicking on the link one is treated to an absurd but terribly compelling montage coupled with what is certainly one of the catchiest jingles ever inflicted. As you can see, no warning was provided to the reader regarding the debilitating nature of the link. This link has caused this reader and members of his immediate and extended family to suffer through several days of the jingle as nearly-constant mental background music interspersed with involuntary (even spastic) overt recitations of the jingle, or portions thereof, to the embarrassment of all. Presently, there is no hope that the jingle will be exorcised any time soon. The jingle and montage also appears to have caused similar symptoms in even the youngest members of the family. If nothing else, think of the children!

The only solace I have is knowing that Mr. Goldberg also viewed the insidious link and is undoubtedly suffering similar torment as I write.

Me It seems this is a very widespread problem. At least that’s what this link indictates. Note: there is a lot of cursing and semi-graphic cartoon violence. Do not play loudly at office or show to your kids without viewing. I say all of this because if I don’t, people get very angry.


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