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Last two emails for a while:

You people (Bushies) are becoming as good as Clinton at parsing the language. Before the part that you quote, the president said: “In the battle of Iraq, the

United States and our allies have prevailed. And now our coalition is engaged in securing and reconstructing that country.In this battle, we have fought for the cause of liberty, and for the peace of the world. Our Nation and our coalition are proud of this accomplishment” That sounds a lot like a declaration of victory, doesn’t it?

Also, between the part I quote, and the part you quote, Bush spoke of the sacrifices of the war, etc. in the past tense. In the part that you quote, he

talked as if the hard work ahead would be mostly confined to law enforcement, and reconstruction, not fighting a guerilla war which would claim more

casualties than the actual war. You may have a point about the New Yorker’s supposedly strict fact checking, since Bush did not use the phrase, “I declare victory,” but the totality of the circumstances — his words plus his triumphal carrier landing and speech before the banner — indicates that is what he meant to convey.


I’ve been in the Navy for 15 years and have done a med cruise.

The “Mission Accomplished” banner was on our ship when we returned from the Med in 1993, and is a common banner used on Navy ships at the end of a deployment.

After two months of workups prior to shipping out and six months at sea, the crew of a Navy ship have accomplished their mission. Because if they hadn’t, they’d be steaming home.

That the Democratic Party has tried to spin this into something that it’s not is just another example of why they cannot be trusted to defend this nation.


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