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Banning Christmas

An e-mailer asks a good question:

That article from the IndyStar to which you posted a link regarding the

“Christmas” display at IU law school being banned made me chuckle in a

“what’s next” sort of way.

But it, along with what I’ve been able to gather (courtesy of David Limbaugh

and on my own), makes me seriously wonder when (no longer if) some court

somewhere will declare Christmas as a national holiday both a violation of

the Establishment Clause and the Equal Protection Clause (since there is no

corresponding federal holiday for all workers for Rosh Hashanah or Yom

Kippur or for Ramadan).

The logic of how we can keep Christmas (not “Winter Holiday”) as a federal

holiday, supported by the force of government, yet we cannot have a crèche

or, in the case of IU law school, even a fake-snow-covered tree that could

be interpreted as being a Christmas tree (which the SCOTUS has said is a

secular symbol, anyway) escapes me. Logically, it does not follow how we can

have the one and not the others if we accept as given the current trend in

Establishment Clause jurisprudence. We just simply allow the former, logic


I am deeply concerned that, one of these days, a court somewhere will take

the Establishment Clause path we’re presently on to its logical conclusion.

“Government, you must be open for business on December 25, and government

workers, you must report to work on that day or else take a personal leave

day.” Do you not see that coming?

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