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“banning use of the term ‘the global war on terror.’ What are we — Reuters?”

After reading a string of his commentaries, watching his Fox News Sunday interview from a few weeks ago…you can’t help but be struck by how much like one of us Fred Thompson sounds.

Can he raise the money and build the organization? Maybe? Please tell me May/June isn’t too late to get into this thing — but I dunno. Can he rally? Rally I have little doubt he can when you read and hear the things he is willing to say — and when I read reader e-mails about him.

I was at an event with Ann Romney a week or so ago and she said (paraphrasing from memory), Could we just hold an election right now? If you’re in this room and want Michael Steele to be in the Senate, raise your hand. The room went wild. If after reading that “Pirates of Tehran” blog post and FDT commentary like it, if the right-blogosphere readers could election a president RIGHT NOW I wonder if Fred Thompson’s straight talk might just win him the election.

Of course as much as I like to think they are (imagine those page views!), Corner and other right-website readers — even throw in additional conservative talk-radio listeners– are not the whole electorate. But Corner readers and all other Law and Order viewers?

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