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Banquo Out Today

Banquo’s Ghosts is actually out, as you might have noticed given the ad sometimes running to the right of this space. Lucianne has very kind words: “fast, smart, intensely knowing action.” Michael Allen has an item in “Playbook.” Harriet Klausner has a positive review here. And I talked about it with John Miller. Larry King, Anderson Cooper, Sy Hersh, Keith Olbermann, and Chris Matthews (Chris, the “gelding” reference is just a joke), among others, will want to give the book a “Washington read.”


Meanwhile, here’s a Banquo FAQ based on actual questions I’ve received. OK, maybe they’re not really “frequently” asked questions but at least they are AQ.


Q: “Are any of the characters based on Jonah?”



Maybe in the sequel: After nagging his boss for a raise one too many times, a popular conservative columnist and blogger is sent on a secret mission to assassinate a French intelligence official, armed only with a volcano-lancing laser and the latest in bacon-based weaponry.


Meantime, in Banquo’s Ghosts, Corner readers will have to settle for a Jonathan Adler reference and a few entries in the dog wars. 


Q: “You also make one contemplate the distinct possibility that in the past you may well have had intimate dealings with our CIA!”


I’ve had no intimate dealings with that agency.


Q: “How can I get a signed copy of your book for my husband Rick?”


I’m happy to oblige and will be happy to sign for anyone else with a husband named Rick.


Q: “Is there any skateboarding in your new book?”


Yes, of course. Check out page 290.


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