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Barack the Builder

A ton of mail over the vital question of whether Obama’s new slogan – “Yes, we can!” – is channeling Cesar Chavez or Sammy Davis Jr.

Answer: Neither of the above.

From one reader:

I would suggest a tie to Allen Toussaint’s “Yes We Can Can“. There are multiple versions, the one on the “Our New Orleans” album is by far the funkiest and best. If they are smart the Obama campaign will adopt it as their theme song. It’s a rockin’ piece, easy to sing, dance and clap your hands to. It would be perfect for revving up a crowd. Its lyrics are appropriate to the sort of idealistic themes Obama is selling, and it has the added benefit of being tied to Katrina observances.

But from another:

Sounds more like Bob the Builder to me (“Can we fix it!? Yes, we can!!”) Obama is pretty young.

That would make Hillary Mrs Potts? With the Iowa caucus voters as Muck the Bulldozer undermining her foundations? A lot of readers would prefer that to the Rat Pack analogies:

The US Commission on Defamation and Hate Crimes is moving to have you  deported.  The offense:  On January 10, 2008, you mentioned Hillary  Clinton in the same sentence as Angie Dickinson.

And finally:

Is it my imagination, or are you folks really having a difficult time coming up with an anti-Obama narrative?I haven’t bought into the “electability” argument on Clinton v. Obama, but the more NRO I read, the more I’m wondering if he would in fact be a stronger Democratic candidate.  I suppose the Republican Party can do the whole angry black secret-muslim sold cocaine to white girls in college thing – but that’s not going to get them very far…

Actually, it was (Democrat) Bob Kerrey doing the whole secret-muslim thing and (Democrat) Bill Shaheen doing the sold-cocaine thing and (Democrat) Andrew Young doing the Bill Clinton’s-slept-with-more-black-women-than-Obama thing. We NRO guys are staying well clear. 

Mark Steyn is an international bestselling author, a Top 41 recording artist, and a leading Canadian human-rights activist.


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