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Barbie Doll Horseshoe Theory

Horseshoe theory holds that at a certain point, the political left and the political right bend around and begin to get closer together again. You can see it on economic issues when Senator Josh Hawley is talking with Matt Stoller. I noticed it often among my fellow “restrainer” foreign-policy friends.

But I think it might apply to Barbie dolls. Hear me out. My daughter suddenly developed an interest in getting Barbie dolls. Maybe it was from watching Toy Story — I’m not sure. Every generation seems to have its gripes with how Barbie and Ken are portrayed. And I have mine. You can probably guess what those might be by perusing what’s available these days. In fact, it almost feels like a game where the creators are daring parents to object.

Anyway, I realized pretty quickly that the only Barbie I felt totally comfortable buying my daughter was the Rosa Parks Barbie.


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