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Bards of the Bumper

Tucked in today’s Impromptus, somewhere, is a bumper sticker — or rather, a reader e-mail about a bumper sticker. The reader said, “Saw a bumper sticker this morning that was new to me, and delightful: ‘Visualize Limited Government.’” As you know, this is a twist on “Visualize World Peace” (which has been parodied as “Visualize Whirled Peas”).

Other readers have kept the hits coming. One says, “Last week, while driving around Houston, I saw an F-350 with a sticker that said, ‘I’m not racist — I don’t like Biden either.’”

Another reader says, “Here in Wisconsin, we see the following on bumper stickers and yard signs: ‘Recall Santa: I didn’t get what I wanted.’”

Often, the political bards of this country do their work on bumper stickers. They don’t have very much space in which to operate. Were bumper-sticker writers the original tweeters?

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