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A Barking Success

Mark Levin’s ode to family, friends, and furry companions, Rescuing Sprite, will be a New York Times top-ten bestseller for the fourth week in a row.

You can buy your copy here.

To give you a sense of the book, here’s a little of Mark from our NRO Q&A last month about it:

There are many, many people like me, who have lost a dog and who are deeply affected by it. The day Sprite died, I wrote a short essay to myself and my family about our Sprite and the light he brought into our home. I decided to share the essay with the folks at Simon & Schuster. Obviously, I’m not known for writing about dogs. There are other authors who are experts. But I am a dog lover with emotions and passions, and in this I’m no different than millions of other people — except that I am blessed with the opportunity to write a book about it. Every dog lover has a dog story. This is my family’s story. And apparently a lot of people can identify with it, which is what I’d hoped.

You may know Mark from his successful nationally syndicated talk show, as a constitutional lawyer, from his Corner appearances… for political reasons. But this book has nothing to do with politics. It’s about how we live and love and help get one another through the life and death pain we all face. Even if you think we’re all crazed right-wing lunatics here in “The Corner,” you’ll relate to something in this book and you’ll find it a worthwhile purchase.

Rescuing Sprite is the perfect stocking stuffer size, by the way.


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