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Barrett Supporters Head for the Gutter

When he began his campaign to stave off a recall election, Wisconsin governor Scott Walker knew he was going to face some tough criticism. But he couldn’t have imagined the depths to which his opponents would sink.

Over the weekend, several liberal blogs began spreading a story that Walker had fathered an illegitimate child during his time at Marquette University. On Sunday, the Daily Kos trumpeted the fact that Walker had produced a “love child.” A local liberal Wisconsin blogger announced, “Normally I would roll my eyes at such a story, but considering the impeccable credibility of the source, I can’t fathom a scenario where what she is saying isn’t true.”

Of course, to those that know Scott Walker as a Boy Scout (and he is, literally, a Boy Scout), the story was preposterous. And it fell apart within an hour of receiving scrutiny. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Dan Bice spoke to the source and she said it wasn’t true. Further, the blogs were relying on family court documents from a “Scott Alan Walker,” while the governor’s name is “Scott Kevin Walker.”

Normally unflappable, Walker was animated last night when asked to address the rumor at a campaign stop in Fitchburg. He called the rumor “crap,” and added that the “sickening” charge would backfire, saying voters would “not only likely to see us win, they’re likely to see us win by a large margin.” On conservative radio talk show host Charlie Sykes’s radio show this morning, Walker called the rumor “gutless,” “ horrific,” and “ridiculous.”

Walker toured a plastics company in the Madison area this morning, and will finish his day with stops in La Crosse, Eau Claire, Stevens Point, Green Bay, and Milwaukee.

— Christian Schneider is a senior fellow at the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute and writes the Yankee Review.

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